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Board Certified Private Patient Advocate

Raye Elaine was really helpful to us when we needed help with my late wife dealing with cancer. She was there all the time we needed her help. She helped us deal with the doctors and the hospital. She knows the medical field well. 
~ L. Dennis, Battle Mountain, NV

Raye Elaine has been invaluable in helping me during my heart failure and pacemaker surgery.  She helps me to understand what is happening and what my choices are, supported me during my surgery and recovery, and continues to help me manage all of the details of my ongoing healthcare. She is my healthcare Angel!
~ R. Ewing, Petaluma, CA

Healthcare Advocacy with Heart

I have known Raye for nearly twenty-five years now as a spiritual companion and friend. Her friendship and support with my business has been a blessing to me.  Day by day and year after year .... I have watched her give her life to a tender vision that she brings to her Medical Work, her Interfaith Ministry, and her community.  When you choose Raye you will have these strengths to support and to hold you.

With versatility, she acts as the Administrator for my Spiritual Psychotherapy practice.  I appreciate her quick mind, ease with numbers, and a uniquely "tenacious ability" to persevere around details related to complexities of insurance and billing concerns that effect my private practice.  She is simply a whiz.  

 With a fun loving heart Raye also brings her own amazing blend of compassion and practicality to help you creatively manage your medical needs, insurance needs, emotional and family support needs ... as well as end of life concerns, if needed. 

 I wholeheartedly recommend Raye Elaine-- a being with undeniable commitment to service and with an unusual vital,  pure spiritual intent.  It must be obvious by now.  She is the best!

~ K. Ward L.C.S.W. Santa Rosa, CA